Inspiring Change

08.11.2015 bis 13.11.2015
Rubriken : Globale Verantwortung Internationale Seminare


Inspiring Change is a Training Course for Staff in Education & Social Activism about: Raising social-ecological awareness, inspiring behavioural change, and teaching skills for the successful implementation of sustainable projects.

Experiencing a holistic social-ecological settlement, the ecovillage of Sieben Linden, the participants will get assistance in retrieving their dreams and developping projects for change in their environment. The participants will learn from the experience from Sieben Linden, they will get to know the "Awakening The Dreamer Symposium" ( and the "Compass for Community Project Development" (

The participants will gain inspiration, knowledge and tools that they can easily apply in their own projects in order to make them more efficient and more fulfilling.


  • Eva Stützel
  • (Grad. Psychologist) works as the managing director of the educational association of Sieben Linden, and as consultant for setting up businesses. She works as consultant in organisational development, has extensive experience in fund raising and setting up thriving local and regional economies.
  • Barbara Stützel
  • psychologist, change facilitator, symposium trainer member of ZEGG community


Dieses Seminar liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Informationen zum Seminar


Arrival sunday 08.11.14 17-18 , 18:00 dinner


Friday 13.11.14 13:00 lunch afterwards departure

Course fee

430 € (red. 310 €)

Full board (biological)

117,50 €


Prices for accomodation in Sieben Linden here

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